Previous Winners

2009 Holland Prizephoto of authorOvertime Activists Take on Corporate Titans: Toyota, McDonald's and Japan's Work Hour Controversy
Charles Weathers and Scott North
2009 Holland Prize

2008 Holland PrizeTime-Space Punctuation: Hong Kong's Border Regime and Limits on Mobility
Alan Smart and Josephine Smart
2008 Holland Prize

2007 Holland Prizeimage of authorThe Restructuring of Vietnamese Nationalism, 1954-2006
Hy V. Luong
2007 Holland Prize

2006 Holland Prizeimage of authorsResponses to Rapid Social Change: Populist Religion in the Philippines
Christl Kessler and Jürgen Rüland
2006 Holland Prize

2005 Holland Prizephoto of authorRuining and Restoring Rivers: The State and Civil Society in Japan
Paul Waley
2005 Holland Prize

2004 Holland PrizeThe Impact of the State on Workers’ Conditions – Comparing Taiwanese Factories in China and Vietnam
Anita Chan and Hong-zen Wang
2004 Holland Prize

2003 Holland Prizeimage of authorThe Strings of Neutralism: Burma and the Colombo Plan
Ademola Adeleke
2003 Holland Prize

2002 Holland Prizeimage of authorLegacies of the Authoritarian Past: Religious Violence in Indonesia’s Moluccan Islands
Jacques Bertrand
2002 Holland Prize