Previous Winners

2011 Holland PrizeQuestioning Borders: Social Movements, Political Parties and the Creation of New States in India
Louise Tillin
2011 Holland Prize

2010 Holland Prizephoto of Holland WinnerWorkers or Residents? Diverging Patterns of Immigrant Incorporation in Korea and Japan
Erin Aeran Chung
2010 Holland Prize

2009 Holland Prizephoto of authorOvertime Activists Take on Corporate Titans: Toyota, McDonald's and Japan's Work Hour Controversy
Charles Weathers and Scott North
2009 Holland Prize

2008 Holland PrizeTime-Space Punctuation: Hong Kong's Border Regime and Limits on Mobility
Alan Smart and Josephine Smart
2008 Holland Prize

2007 Holland Prizeimage of authorThe Restructuring of Vietnamese Nationalism, 1954-2006
Hy V. Luong
2007 Holland Prize

2006 Holland Prizeimage of authorsResponses to Rapid Social Change: Populist Religion in the Philippines
Christl Kessler and Jürgen Rüland
2006 Holland Prize

2005 Holland Prizephoto of authorRuining and Restoring Rivers: The State and Civil Society in Japan
Paul Waley
2005 Holland Prize

2004 Holland PrizeThe Impact of the State on Workers’ Conditions – Comparing Taiwanese Factories in China and Vietnam
Anita Chan and Hong-zen Wang
2004 Holland Prize

2003 Holland Prizeimage of authorThe Strings of Neutralism: Burma and the Colombo Plan
Ademola Adeleke
2003 Holland Prize

2002 Holland Prizeimage of authorLegacies of the Authoritarian Past: Religious Violence in Indonesia’s Moluccan Islands
Jacques Bertrand
2002 Holland Prize