Institutional Online Registration Instructions

How to create an institutional registration, activate a subscription on IngentaConnect™ and utilize the Administrator page

In order to access your institutional subscriptions online you must first complete a simple one-time registration and activation process. This takes no more than a few minutes.

Important: If you are already registered with ingentaconnect and want to add a new title or renewing an existing subscription, please sign in with the administrator credentials and start at SECTION B – Step 1b.

If you appear to be signed in, this means you have been IP authenticated and your institution already has a registration.


In this case, you will need to use the link to Additional Sign In, and sign in using the Administrator login credentials.


Please contact if you do not know who your administrator is or if you have forgotten your administrator login details.

 A. Register – we need to know who you are

Go to:

Step 1: Enter your organizations’ information and your contact details as the administrator. Click Next.

Step 2: Authenticate IP addresses. Access to ingentaconnect can be set up by IP address or by user name and password. You may choose to use one or both of these authentication methods. IP authentication works in a way that will allow users to access institutional subscriptions without needing to login. A shared username and password will allow institutional users who are outside a certain IP range to still login and access institutional subscriptions. Check the box(es) next to the authentication method(s) that you would like and click Next.

Step 3: Create an Administrator User ID and Password. Please be sure to choose an administrator username that is transferable should a new administrator take your place (i.e. Fname-Lname is not a transferable username, OrganizationNameAdmin is a more transferable username). Check the box next to I agree to the terms and conditions and click Register.

Step 4: Confirmation. Please take note of your customer ID number.

B. Update/Assign IP Ranges – Authentication

If you would like to update IP authentication for patron access, sign in as the administrator and navigate to the Administration Page.



Step 1: Click on the link Authentication.


Step 2: Type in your organizations IP addresses in the following format:

66.251.105.*; 91.230-234.41.5;; etc.

(Where the * serves as an all-inclusive range and #-# is a specific range, also, IPs are separated by a semi-colon)


For further help with institutional online activation/registration please see the following videos:

Institutional Registration

Institutional Subscription Activation


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