Previous Winners

2018 Holland PrizeMediations of Care: Brokering Labour in the Age of Robotics
Anna Romina Guevarra
2018 Holland Prize

2017 Holland PrizeGambling on the Future: Casino Enclaves, Development, and Poverty Alleviation in Laos
Kearrin Sims
2017 Holland Prize

2016 Holland PrizePerilous Waters: People Smuggling, Fishermen, and Hyper-precarious Livelihoods on Rote Island, Eastern Indonesia
Antje Missbach
2016 Holland Prize

2015 Holland PrizeWater, Water Everywhere: Toward Participatory Solutions to Chronic Urban Flooding in Jakarta
Rita Padawangi and Mike Douglass
2015 Holland Prize

2014 Holland Prize

From Patronage Machine to Partisan Melee: Subnational Corruption and the Evolution of the Indonesian Party System
Nathan Allen


Cultural Policy and Film Industry as Negotiation of Power: The Chinese State’s Role and Strategies in its Engagement with Global Hollywood 1994–2012
Wendy Su

2014 Holland Prize

2013 Holland PrizeHighway Urbanization and Land Conflicts: The Challenges to Decentralization in India
Sai Balakrishnan
2013 Holland Prize

2012 Holland PrizePredatory Princes and Princeley Peddlers: The State and International Labour Migration Intermediaries in China
Biao Xiang
2012 Holland Prize

2011 Holland PrizeQuestioning Borders: Social Movements, Political Parties and the Creation of New States in India
Louise Tillin
2011 Holland Prize

2010 Holland Prizephoto of Holland WinnerWorkers or Residents? Diverging Patterns of Immigrant Incorporation in Korea and Japan
Erin Aeran Chung
2010 Holland Prize

2009 Holland Prizephoto of authorOvertime Activists Take on Corporate Titans: Toyota, McDonald's and Japan's Work Hour Controversy
Charles Weathers and Scott North
2009 Holland Prize