The Holland Prize

The Holland Prize represents our dedication to fostering outstanding research and scholarship on Asia and the Pacific.
William L. Holland (1970)

The William L. Holland Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding article published in Pacific Affairs during the preceding year that, in the opinion of the Editorial Board, best reflects the ideals of long-time editor Bill Holland in promoting international understanding of the spaces, practices, and peoples of Asia and the Pacific.  

We nominate articles based on:  

  • strong empirical research, preferably displaying a full awareness of local conditions, languages, and sources;  
  • argumentation that engages with a range of theoretical and comparative literature, and contains clear potential for cross-disciplinary appeal;  
  • and writing that is clear and cogent and appealing to specialists and generalists alike. 

The recipients of the Holland Prize receive a monetary award of $1000 CAD.  

Please consider making a tax-deductible* donation to the William Holland Prize so that we can continue to recognize and support excellent scholarship.