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Most Popular Articles Downloaded from Ingenta in 2020

Rank Vol/Issue Date  Number of Downloads Title of Article
 1 88:3 September 2015 296

Water, Water Everywhere: Toward Participatory Solutions to Chronic Urban Flooding in Jakarta

Rita Padawangi, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Mike Douglass, National University of Singapore, Singapore

2 91:2 June 2018 198

Fighting Illiberalism with Illiberalism: Islamist Populism and Democratic Deconsolidation in Indonesia

Marcus Mietzner, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

3 92:4 December 2019 104

American Grand Strategy in the Indo Pacific: Plus ça change?

Thomas Wilkins, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

4 92:3 September 2019 89

Thailand’s 2019 Vote: The General’s Election

Jacob I. Ricks, Singapore Management University, Singapore

5 90:1 2017 82

The Politics of Pacific Ocean Conservation: Lessons from the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve

Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne

6 87:1 March 2014 74

Cultural Policy and Film Industry as Negotiation of Power: The Chinese State’s Role and Strategies in its Engagement with Global Hollywood 1994-2012

Wendy Su, University of California at Riverside, Riverside, USA

7 93:3 September 2020 52

Migrants, Minorities, and Populism in Southeast Asia

Thomas Pepinsky, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

7 89:1 March 2016 52

Professionals and Soldiers: Measuring Professionalism in the Thai Military

Punchada Sirivunnabood, Mahidol University, Nakhorn Phatom, Thailand

Jacob Isaac Ricks, Singapore Management University, Singapore

8 89:4 December 2016 51

Forging Free Trade with China: The Maple Leaf and the Silver Fern

Charles Burton, Brock University, St. Catharines, Canada

Stephen Noakes, The University of Aukland, Aukland, New Zealand

9 88:3 September 2015 41

Informality, Resilience, and the Political Implications of Disaster Governance

Devanathan Parthasarathy, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

9 93:3 September 2020 41

Repeated Multiparty Elections in Cambodia: Intensifying Authoritarianism Yet Benefiting the Masses

Sivhuoch Ou, University of Guelph, Waterloo, Canada

10 93:3 September 2020 40

Reassessing Cambodia’s Patronage System(s) and the End of Competitive Authoritarianism: Electoral Clientelism in the Shadow of Coercion

Neil Loughlin, KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden, Netherlands

Most Popular Articles Written between 1928–2015

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Articles written from 2016 to the present are not available through JSTOR and therefore are not included in this list. This data was downloaded from JSTOR and represents the most popular articles downloaded in 2020.

Rank Vol/Issue Date Number of Downloads Article
March 2014
3272 Anime in the US: The Entrepreneurial Dimensions of Globalized Culture by Nissim Otmazgin
Fall 1985
1307 <book review> Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism by Benedict Anderson (reviewed by Anthony Reid)
Summer 1985 1166 The United States and the Overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-1967 by Peter Dale Scott
4 76:3 Fall 2003 1147 The Discourse of Unequal Treaties in Modern China by Dong Wang
5 87:1 March 2014 1141 The Power of the Nation-state amid Neoliberal Reform: Shifting Cultural Politics in the New Korean Wave by Dal Yong Jin
6 85:2
Summer 2012
1098 The Persistence of Caste in Indian Politics by Ronojoy Sen
Spring 1977
1037 Martial Law in the Philippines: The Methods of Regime Survival by David Wurfel
Fall 2000
1036 Ethnic Tourism in Hokkaido and the Shaping of Ainu Identity by Lisa Hiwasaki
9 76:1
Spring 2003
999 Democratization in South Korea and Inter-Korean Relations by Chien-peng Chung
Summer 2003 930 Japan’s National/Asian Women’s Fund for “Comfort Women” by C. Sarah Soh