Volume 83 – No. 2

June 2010


Review Essays

Critical Dialogues

Film Reviews

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OUTSOURCING AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: An International Survey. Edited by Ruth Taplin. Reviewed by Chris Rowley

THE SCRAMBLE FOR ASIA: U.S. Military Power in the Aftermath of the Pacific War. By Marc Gallicchio. Reviewed by Michael A. Barnhart

A GRAND DESIGN FOR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION: Achieving Kyosei in East Asia. Edited by Yoichiro Murakami, Thomas J. Schoenbaum. Reviewed by Robert E. Bedeski

STATUS AND STRATIFICATION: Cultural Forms in East and Southeast Asia. Edited by Mutsuhiko Shima. Reviewed by Eyal Ben-Ari

CHINA’S RISE AND THE TWO KOREAS: Politics, Economy, Security. By Scott Snyder. Reviewed by B.C. Koh

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THE CHINESE PARTY-STATE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Adaptation and the Reinvention of Legitimacy. Edited by Andre Laliberte and Marc Lanteigne. Reviewed by Joo-Youn Jung

WEALTH INTO POWER: The Communist Party’s Embrace of China’s Private Sector. By Bruce J. Dickson. Reviewed by Tony Saich

FORTIFYING CHINA: The Struggle to Build a Modern Defense Economy. By Tai Ming Cheung. Reviewed by Richard P. Suttmeier

THE PAN-PEARL RIVER DELTA: An Emerging Regional Economy in a Globalizing China. Edited by Y.M. Yeung and Shen Jianfa. Reviewed by Graham E. Johnson

BOUNDARIES AND CATEGORIES: Rising Inequality in Post-Socialist Urban China. By Wang Feng. Reviewed by Katrin Fiedler

INEQUALITY AND GROWTH IN MODERN CHINA. Edited by Guanghua Wan; foreword by Anthony Shorrocks. Reviewed by Linda Yueh

CREATING THE “NEW MAN”: From Enlightenment Ideals to Socialist Realities. Perspectives on the Global Past. By Yinghong Cheng.
Reviewed by Mobo C. F. Gao

WU HAN, HISTORIAN: Son of China’s Times. By Mary G. Mazur. Reviewed by John Israel

MOSCOW AND THE EMERGENCE OF COMMUNIST POWER IN CHINA, 1925 – 30: The Nanchang Uprising and the Birth of the Red Army. By Bruce A. Elleman. Reviewed by Anna Belogurova

RETHINKING CHINESE POPULAR CULTURE: Cannibalizations of the Canon. Edited by Carlos Rojas and Eileen Cheng-yin Chow. Reviewed by Alexander C. Y. Huang

HERSELF AN AUTHOR: Gender, Agency, and Writing in Late Imperial China. By Grace S. Fong. Reviewed by Maram Epstein

WOMEN PLAYING MEN: Yue Opera and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Shanghai. By Jin Jiang. Reviewed by Catherine Swatek

TAIWAN’S RELATIONS WITH MAINLAND CHINA: A Tail Wagging Two Dogs. By Su Chi. Reviewed by Scott Simon

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JAPAN’S MOTORCYCLE WARS: An Industry History. By Jeffrey W. Alexander. Reviewed by Tetsuji Okazaki

INTRODUCTION TO JAPANESE POLITICS. 5th ed. By Louis D. Hayes. Reviewed by Theodore J. Gilman

POVERTY AND SOCIAL WELFARE IN JAPAN. Japanese Society Series. Edited by Masami Iwata and Akihiko Nishizawa. Reviewed by Akihiro Ogawa

THE TOKYO WAR CRIMES TRIAL: The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II. By Yuma Totani. Reviewed Greg P. Guelcher

THE HISTORY OF MODERN JAPANESE EDUCATION: Constructing the National School System, 1872-1890. By Benjamin Duke. Reviewed by Roger Goodman

CIVILIZATION AND ENGLIGHTENMENT: The Early Thought of Fukuzawa Yukichi. By Albert M. Craig. Reviewed by David L. Howell

MEMORY MAPS: The State and Manchuria in Postwar Japan. The World of East Asia. By Mariko Asano Tamanoi. Reviewed by Sandra Wilson

NIPPON MODERN: Japanese Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s. By Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano. Reviewed by Daisuke Miyao

TO LIVE TO WORK: Factory Women in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945. By Janice C.H. Kim. Reviewed by Michael Shin

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ICTS AND INDIAN SOCIAL CHANGE: Diffusion, Poverty, and Governance. Edited by Ashwanti Saith, M. Vijayabaskar and V. Gayathri.
Reviewed by Carol Upadhya

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INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: The Struggle for Autonomy. Rev. 2nd ed. By Donald E. Weatherbee. Reviewed by Sorpong Peou

POLITICAL ISLAM IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. By Gordon P. Means. Reviewed by Eric Tagliacozzo

LEAVES OF THE SAME TREE: Trade and Ethnicity in the Straits of Melaka. By Leonard Y. Andaya. Reviewed by Ota Atsushi

HERO AND DEITY: Tran Hung Dao and the Resurgence of Popular Religion in Vietnam. By Pham Phuong Quynh. Reviewed by Kirsten W. Endres

A MAN LIKE HIM: Portrait of the Burmese Journalist, Journal Kyaw U Chit Maung. By Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay; translated by Ma Thanegi. Reviewed by Maitrii Aung-Thwin

DEMOCRATIZATION IN POST-SUHARTO INDONESIA. Edited by Marco Bünte and Andreas Ufen. Reviewed by Jim Schiller

THE ANXIETIES OF MOBILITY: Migration and Tourism in the Indonesian Borderlands. By Johan A. Lindquist. Reviewed by Kathleen M. Adams

JAVANESE PERFORMANCES ON AN INDONESIAN STAGE: Contesting Culture, Embracing Change. By Barbara Hatley. Reviewed by Michael Bodden

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AUSTRALIAN FOREIGN POLICY IN THE AGE OF TERROR. Edited by Carl Ungerer. Reviewed by Scott Flower

STORMY WEATHER: The Challenge of Climate Change and Displacement. By David Corlett. Reviewed by Ilan Kelman

ABORIGINES AND ACTIVISM: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to Australia. By Jennifer Clark. Reviewed by Laurent Dousset

THE COLLECTORS OF LOST SOULS: Turning Kuru Scientists into Whitemen. By Warwick Anderson. Reviewed by Robert J. Foster

NATIVE MEN REMADE: Gender and Nation in Contemporary Hawai’i. By Ty P. K’wika Tengan. Reviewed by Charles M. Langlas

HAWAIIN BLOOD: Colonialism and the Politics of Sovereignty and Indigeneity. By J. K’haulani Kauanui. Reviewed by Eugene Ogan

LA FRANCE DANS LE PACIFIQUE SUD: Les Enjeux de la Puissance. By Nathalie Mrgudovic; preface by Michel Rocard. Reviewed by Nic MacLellan

INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL ISSUES IN THE PACIFIC RIM: Global Imbalances, Financial Liberalization, and Exchange Rate Policy. Edited by Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose. Reviewed by Enzo Weber

FOREIGN BODIES: Oceania and the Science of Race 1750-1940. Edited by Bronwen Douglas and Chris Ballard. Reviewed by Serge Tcherkezoff

JEAN-MARIE TJIBAOU, KANAK WITNESS TO THE WORLD: An Intellectual Biography. By Eric Waddell. Reviewed by Nathalie Mrgudovic

STATE OF SUFFERING: Political Violence and Community Survival in Fiji. By Susanna Trnka. Reviewed by Sina Emde

THE OTHER SIDE: Ways of Being and Place in Vanuatu. By John Patrick Taylor. Reviewed by Darrell Tryon