Proposal Submission Process

We first require a formal proposal, which should be sent as a Microsoft Word, Open Office, or PDF file to: Alternatively, you may submit your proposal online. Please ensure that the formal proposal is sent by one of these routes. If you have questions regarding contents and coverage of the proposed Special Issue and our mandate, please contact our Editor at

Your proposal should include the following:

  1. Title of the Special issue
  2. Name(s) and contact information for the Issue editor(s). If there is more than one editor, the primary contact person should be identified.
  3. An Abstract of the entire Special Issue – usually around 250-300 words.
  4. A list of all article titles, author names, and affiliations (including a listing for an Introduction).
  5. The Proposal – usually one of two formats – 4000-4500 words or 7000-8000 words, explaining the significance of the subject and the approach, theoretical and/or methodological approaches, and the questions and concerns that bind the papers together. The proposal should also provide a rationale for division of coverage among the papers, explain the links between the papers, and provide some possible conclusions.
  6. Paper Abstracts – abstracts of 250 words are required for each paper. We do not require one for the Introduction, as we anticipate the Proposal would be incorporated into the Introduction.