Volume 81 – No. 1

March 2008


Review Essays

Critical Dialogues

Film Reviews

Asia General Back to Tags ^

Procyclicality of Financial Systems in Asia. Edited by Stefan Gerlach and Paul Gruenwald.
Reviewed by Robert Wade

Reshaping the Asia Pacific Economic Order. Edited by Christopher Findlay and Hadi Soesastro
Reviewed by John Ravenhill

The Unpredictability of the Past: Memories of the Asia-Pacific War in U.S.-East Asian Relations. Edited by Marc Gallicchio.
Reviewed by Mikyoung Kim

Transforming East Asia: The Evolution of Regional Economic Integration. By Naoko Munakata.
Reviewed by Wendy Dobson

China & Inner Asia Back to Tags ^

Capitalismes et capitalistes en chine. Des Origines a Nos Jours. By Marie-Claire Bergère
Reviewed by Rene Goldman

China stands up: The PRC and the International System. By David Scott.
Reviewed by Yongjin Zhang

Challenges and Policy Programmes Of China’s New Leadership.Edited by Joseph Y.S. Cheng.
Reviewed by Richard Baum

Disciplining the State: Virtue, Violence and State-Making in Modern China. By Patricia M. Thornton.
Reviewed by Dali L. Yang

Reviewed by James Seymour

REPORTING THE CHINESE REVOLUTION: The Letters of Rayna Prohme. By Baruch Hirson and Arthur J. Knodel. Edited and with an introduction by Gregor Benton.
Reviewed by Stephen R. MacKinnon

REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE AND REFORM IN VILLAGE CHINA. By Edward Friedman, Paul G. Pickowicz and Mark Selden.
Reviewed by Shu-min Huang

CHINA’S FUTURE NUCLEAR SUBMARINE FORCE. Edited by Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, William S. Murray and Andrew R. Wilson.
Reviewed by Colin Green

THE NANKING ATROCITY, 1937-38: Complicating the Picture. Edited by Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi.
Reviewed by Norman Smith

Managing God’s Higher Learning: U.S.-China Cultural Encounter and Canton Christian College (Lingnan University), 1888-1952. By Dong Wang.
Reviewed by David Luesink

Understanding The Political Culture Of Hong Kong: The Paradox of Activism and Depoliticization. By Wai-Man Lam.
Reviewed by David Ownby

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in its First Decade. Edited by Joseph Y. S. Cheng.
Reviewed by Graham Johnson

Rising China and Asian Democratization: Socialization to “Global Culture” in the Political Transformations of Thailand, China and Taiwan. By Daniel C. Lynch.
Reviewed by Sophia Woodman

Governance of Biodiversity Conservation in China and Taiwan. By Gerald A. McBeath and Tse-Kang Leng.
Reviewed by Jack Patrick Hayes

Foreign Policy Making in Taiwan: From Principle to Pragmatism. By Dennis Van Vranken Hickey.
Reviewed by John F. Copper

Northeast Asia Back to Tags ^

Political Reform in Japan: Leadership Looming Large. By Alisa Gaunder.
Reviewed by Benjamin Nyblade

The Fable of the Keiretsu: Urban Legends of the Japanese Economy. By Yoshiro Miwa and J. Mark Ramseyer.
Reviewed by Ronald P. Dore

War Memory and Social Politics in Japan, 1945-2005. By Franziska Seraphim.
Reviewed by Theodore F. Cook

Burma and Japan Since 1940: From ‘Co-Prosperity’ to ‘Quiet Dialogue’. By Donald M. Seekins.
Reviewed by Stephen McCarthy

Kingdom of Beauty: Mingei and the Politics of Folk Art in Imperial Japan. By Kim Brandt.
Reviewed by Barbara Thornbury

BIPOLAR ORDERS: The Two Koreas Since 1989. By Hyung Gu Lynn.
Reviewed by Alon Levkowitz

NORTH KOREA POLICY: Japan and the Great Powers. Edited by Linus Hagström and Marie Söderberg.
Reviewed by Mark Caprio

South Asia & the Himalayas Back to Tags ^

PARTICIPATORY CITIZENSHIP: Identity, Exclusion, Inclusion. Edited by Ranjita Mohanty and Rajesh Tandon.
Reviewed by Ashwini K. Swain

INDIA’S 2004 ELECTIONS: Grass-Roots and National Perspectives. Edited by Ramashray Roy and Paul Wallace.
Reviewed by John R. Wood

Reviewed by David Curley

Southeast Asia Back to Tags ^

BRICK BY BRICK: The Building of an ASEAN Economic Community. Edited by Denis Hew Wei Yen.
Reviewed by Robert L. Curry, Jr.

MODERNITY AND RE-ENCHANTMENT: Religion in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam. Edited by Philip Taylor.
Reviewed by Janet Hoskins

Whither the Philippines In the 21st Century? Edited by Rodolfo C. Severino and Lorraine Carlos Salazar.
Reviewed by Aprodicio Laquian

COLONIAL PATHOLOGIES: American Tropical Medicine, Race, Alexandra and Hygiene in the Philippines. By Warwick Anderson.
Reviewed by Minna Stern

KING OF THE WATERS: Homan van der Heide and the Origin of Modern Irrigation in Siam. By Han ten Brummelhuis.
Reviewed by Porphant Ouyyanont

HOW TO BEHAVE: Buddhism and Modernity in Colonial Cambodia, 1860-1930. By Anne Ruth Hansen.
Reviewed by Erik Davis

Indonesia and the Muslim World: Islam and Secularism in the Foreign Policy of Soeharto and Beyond. By Anak Agung Banyu Perwita.
Reviewed by Robert W. Hefner

REALPOLITIK IDEOLOGY: Indonesia’s Use of Military Force. By Leonard C. Sebastian.
Reviewed by Shane Barter

Australasia & the Pacific Back to Tags ^

Customary Land Tenure And Registration In Australia And Papua New Guinea: Anthropological Perspectives. Edited by James F. Weiner and Katie Glaskin.
Reviewed by William H. McKellin

Security And Development In The Pacific Islands: Social Resilience in Emerging States. Edited by M. Anne Brown.
Reviewed by Nancy J. Pollock