Volume 82 – No. 2

June 2009


Review Articles

Beijing: A New Focus
By Jianfei Zhu

Critical Dialogues

Film Reviews

Asia General Back to Tags ^

GLOBALIZATION, MINORITIES AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Perspectives from Asian and Western Cities. Edited by Koichi Hasegawa and Naoki Yoshihara.
Reviewed by Nobue Suzuki

UNDERSTANDING CONTEMPORARY ASIA PACIFIC. Edited by Katherine Palmer Kaup. Reviewed by James Cotton

THE HIDDEN COSTS OF CLEAN ELECTION REFORM. By Frederic Charles Schaffer. Reviewed by Ben Reilly

ASIA’S NEW REGIONALISM. By Ellen L. Frost. Reviewed by Mark Beeson

THE EVOLUTION OF REGIONALISM IN ASIA: Economic and Security Issues. Edited by Heribert Dieter. Reviewed by Shiro Armstrong

EAST ASIAN MULTILATERALISM: Prospects for Regional Stability. Edited by Kent E. Calder and Francis Fukuyama. Reviewed by Simon Seong Chee Tay

HOW EAST ASIANS VIEW DEMOCRACY. Edited by Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, Andrew J. Nathan and Doh Chull Shin. Reviewed by Charles Burton

VISIBLE CITIES: Canton, Nagasaki, and Batavia and the Coming of the Americans. By Leonard Blusse. Reviewed by Beverly Lemire

ASIAN CANADIAN WRITING BEYOND AUTOETHNOGRAPHY. Edited by Eleanor Ty and Christl Verduyn. Reviewed by Christopher Lee

China & Inner Asia Back to Tags ^

CHINA’S BRAVE NEW WORLD: And Other Tales for Global Times. By Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom; foreword by Vladimir Tismaneanu. Reviewed by David Kelly

CHINA MODERNIZES: Threat to the West or Model for the Rest? By Randall Peerenboom. Reviewed by Sida Liu

THE ‘ONE CHINA’ DILEMMA. Edited by Peter C. Y. Chow. Reviewed by Nancy Bernkopf Tucker

CHINA’S CHANGING POLITICAL LANDSCAPE: Prospects for Democracy. Edited by Cheng Li. Reviewed by Calvin P. Chen

POLITICAL CHANGE IN CHINA: Comparisons with Taiwan. Edited by Bruce Gilley and Larry Diamond. Reviewed by Dennis V. Hickey

CHINA’S ENERGY STRATEGY: The Impact on Beijing’s Maritime Policies. Edited by Gabriel B. Collins, Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and William S. Murray. Reviewed by Arthur Waldron


THE CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION: A History. By Paul Clarke. Reviewed by Daniel Leese

DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS. By Timothy Brook, Jerome Bourgon and Gregory Blue. Reviewed by W.J.F. Jenner

Northeast Asia Back to Tags ^

THE JAPANESE CHALLENGE TO THE AMERICAN NEOLIBERAL WORLD ORDER: Identity, Meaning, and Foreign Policy. By Yong Wook Lee. Reviewed by Philippe Tremblay

RETHINKING THE CONSTITUTION: An Anthology of Japanese Opinion. Translated by Fred Uleman. Edited by The Constitution of Japan Project 2004. Reviewed by Kyoko Inoue

FROM IMPRESSIONISM TO ANIME: Japan as Fantasy and Fan Cult in the Mind of the West. By Susan J. Napier. Reviewed by Christopher Bolton

EAST ASIAN POP CULTURE: Analysing the Korean Wave. Edited by Beng Huat Chua and Koichi Iwabuchi. Reviewed by Kaori Yoshida

KOREAN SPIRITUALITY. By Don Baker. Reviewed by Chong Bum Kim

South Asia & the Himalayas Back to Tags ^

THE LONG PARTITION AND THE MAKING OF MODERN SOUTH ASIA: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories. By Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar. Reviewed by Harjot Oberoi

A HUNDRED HORIZONS: The Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire. By Sugata Bose. Reviewed by Vinayak Chaturvedi

CRICKET IN COLONIAL INDIA, 1780-1947. By Boria Majumdar. Reviewed by John Harriss

Southeast Asia Back to Tags ^

SOUTHEAST ASIAN DEVELOPMENT. By Andrew McGregor. Reviewed by Dean Forbes

SOUTHEAST ASIA IN POLITICAL SCIENCE: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis. Edited by Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Dan Slater, Tuong Vu. Reviewed by Thomas B. Pepinsky

EARLY SOUTHEAST ASIA: Selected Essays. By O.W. Wolters; edited by Craig J. Reynolds. Reviewed by James K. Chin

AT THE EDGE OF THE FOREST: Essays on Cambodia, History, and Narrative in Honor of David Chandler. Edited by Anne Ruth Hansen and Judy Ledgerwood. Reviewed by Mona Lilja

KHMER WOMEN ON THE MOVE: Exploring Work and Life in Urban Cambodia. By Annuska Derks. Reviewed by Khatarya Um

TECHNICAL PROGRESS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: An Empirical Case Study of Malaysia. By Ranald J. Taylor. Reviewed by Rajah Rasiah

MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES AND INDUSTRIAL TRANSFORMATION: Evidence from Thailand. By Archanun Kohpaiboon. Reviewed by Pasuk Phongpaichit

ETHNO-RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE IN INDONESIA: From Soil to God. By Chris Wilson. Reviewed by John Sidel

POPULAR CULTURE IN INDONESIA: Fluid Identities in Post-Authoritarian Politics. By Ariel Heryanto.Reviewed by Michael Bodden

Australasia & the Pacific Back to Tags ^

THE TESTIMONY PROJECT: Papua : A Collection of Personal Histories in West Papua. Edited by Charles E. Farhadian; Photographs by Stephan Babuljak. Reviewed by Larry M. Lake

SPINNING THE DREAM: Assimilation in Australia 1950-1970. By Anna Haebich. Reviewed by Margaret Brock

EXCHANGE AND SACRIFICE. Edited by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern. Reviewed by Naomi M. McPherson

INVENTING ‘EASTER ISLAND’. By Beverley Haun. Reviewed by Terry L. Hunt

TATTOOING THE WORLD: Pacific Designs in Print and Skin. By Juniper Ellis. Reviewed by Donald H. Rubinstein

WE FOUGHT THE NAVY AND WON: Guam’s Quest for Democracy. By Doloris Coulter Cogan. Reviewed by Laurel A. Monnig